Pockets - Come Go With Us (Soul) MP3/Flac

1 - come go with me
2 - pasado
3 - one day at a time
4 - doin' the do
5 - in the pocket
6 - nothing is stronger
7 - Elusive Lady
8 - Wizzard Wuzzit

The great first album from Pockets. We'd go anywhere with these guys! Pockets was of the few lucky bands to fall under the Kalimba Productions/EWF umbrella, and they burst out out of the gates here with a smooth jazzy soul style that was definitely helped by a proximity to Maurice White – but they up the tempo on and the energy on some tracks, too, and it's terrific everywhere they take us. This album's probably their best and at has not one unworthy moment – with the killer opener "Come Go With Me" plus "Nothing Is Stranger", "In The Pocket", "Elusive Lady", "Doin' The Do" and "Pasado".