Bill Evans - You Must Believe in Spring (Jazz) MP3/Flac

1. B Minor Waltz (For Ellaine)
2. You Must Believe In Spring
3. Gary's Theme
4. We Will Meet Again (For Harry)
5. The Peacocks
6. Sometime Ago
7. Theme From M*A*S*H (Aka Suicide Is Painless)

Quintessential late period Bill Evans, demonstrating that he maintained the same high levels of musical integrity and inspiration throughout his long career. His phrasing, sense of timing and unfailing beauty of tone set an example from which many classical pianists could usefully learn (and indeed it is good to see that Jean Yves Thibaudet has recorded an excellent album of Evans compositions). Evans had a unique piano sound influenced by Bebop but also by classical composers such as Chopin and Debussy. It is so distinctive, in fact, that you only have to hear a few chords to know that it is Evans playing. As a result his music is harmonically richer than most jazz, yet remains completely accessible to a non-jazz audience. This album is one of his most memorable - standout tracks include his version of 'The Peacocks', whose mysterious melody is perfect material for Evans' improvisational skills, 'The Theme from MASH' (one of only a few jazz versions of this tune), and the title track. Listening to this album is inevitably tinged with a sense of sadness as one realises that it was one of his last studio recordings, but he left behind a marvellous legacy and remains the most influential jazz pianist of the late 20th century.