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Pop New Wave Dance
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Album Info

Macrocosm--Alien Invasion   (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Asian Adventurer   (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Beyond The Macrocosm   (Synthesizer) 2005
Macrocosm--Cyper Space  (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--Energetic Ride (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Fields Of Fire  (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--First Mission (Extended Version)   (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--Firts Mission (Internet Mix)    (Synthesizer).mp3
Macrocosm--Galactic Fighters   (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Insomnian Satellite  (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Japanese Revenge   (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Keeper Of Secrets    (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--Leaving The New World  (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--Lightyears To Go  (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--Magic Miles  (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--Maximum Power   (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Morning In The Dark   (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Morning In The Dark Extended) (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Out Of The Ordinary   (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Retro Generation   (Synthesizer) 2005.mp3
Macrocosm--Second Voyage  (Internet Mix)    (Synthesizer).mp3
Macrocosm--Secret Universe  (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--Silent Warriors  (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--Virtual Voltage   (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3
Macrocosm--Zero Gravity   (Synthesizer) 2002.mp3[/b]

MP3  192Kbps   http://www.multiupload.com/XLERIXY1J3
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The album code is : ODI195035

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