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Pop New Wave Dance
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Joy.--10000 Angels 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--All I Want 1995 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Ave Maria  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Back To The 80's 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Black Is Black (Remix)   (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Black Is Black 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Born To Sing A Love Song 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Candle InThe Wind 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Cheek To Cheek  1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Cheek To Cheek (Special Remix).mp3
Joy.--Chinese Girls  1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Christmas Mix  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Christmas Mix Accapela  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Classical Love Songs 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Come On Sweet Children  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Countdown Love 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Darling 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Dorie's Day 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Dreams 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Everybody Cares For Love 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Far Away 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Felicidad (Mediterean Breeze) 1987  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Felicidad 1995 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Feliz Navidad  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Fire In The Night '85(Bonus Mix) (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Forever And Day 1995 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Gimme Gimme All Of You 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Give As A Chance 1995 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Go Tell It On The Mountain  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Heartache No. 1 1995 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel Tonight 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Hello (Extended Special Dance Mix) 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Hello, Mrs. Johnson (Analog Extreme Mix) 1987  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Hello, Mrs. Johnson (Honky Tonk Nightline) 1987  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Hello, Mrs. Johnson (Original Mix).mp3
Joy.--Hello, Mrs. Johnson (Soft Mix) 1987  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Hello'86  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Holy Child Medley  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Holy Night  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--I Will Follow You 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--I'm In Love '86 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Japanese Girls (Extended Mix)  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Japanese Girls (SKY Mix) 1987  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Japanese Girls'86  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Joy And Tears 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Joy And Tears 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Joy Megamix  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Kisses Are The Doctor's Order 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Korean Girls (Extended Long Version 2011).mp3
Joy.--Korean Girls (Instrumental) 1987 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Korean Girls 1987 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Living On An Island 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Lost In Hong Kong  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Lost In Hong Kong (Remix) 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Love Is All Around 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Magic Eyes1986  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Megamix  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Megamix (Remixed By SpaceMouse 2007).mp3
Joy.--Megamix Vol 2   (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Merry X-Mas Mix  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Night After Night (Special Long Drink Remix)  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Nigtht On The Nights '86 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Obsession 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Pizzahurt 2003 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Retro Hits Megamix' 2011.mp3
Joy.--Shady Trees 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--She`s Dancing Alone 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Shine 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Sing Out,Show Mit Joy  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Sing With Me 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Sunshine Boogie 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Tell It To My Heart 1995 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--That's Love 1995 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (A=P Mix) (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (Eric Singlenton Remix) '99  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (Extended Rapless Version) (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (Instrumental).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (Millenium Extended Dub Cut) (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (Mnyuzik Remix)   (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (New Mix) 1987  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (Single Edit) 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (Special Remix '87)  (Italo Disco)  szuper.mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch  (Touch Maxi Version) 1985  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch 2011 (3Select Mix).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch 2011 (JOY Mix).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch 2011 (Radio Version).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch 2011 (Single Version).mp3
Joy.--Touch By Touch.mp3
Joy.--Touch Me My Dear 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Valerie (Beat Box Mix) 1987  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Valerie 1986 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Valerie 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Venus  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Venus 1992 (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--White Christmas German  (Christmas Album).mp3
Joy.--Why Are You Hurtin' Me So Much (12'' Mix) 1987  (Italo Disco).mp3
Joy.--Yesterday Heroes 2011 (Italo Disco).mp3
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The album code is : ODI195023

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