The Orb - Orbus Terrarum (FLAC) MP3/Flac

I already wrote a review of this CD awhile back but I don't think it did Orbus Terrarum much justice because now I must say that it is absolutely an amazingly gorgeous album. Much earthier and less spacey than the UFO tributes, Ultraworld and UFOrb, Orbus Terrarum is also a lot brighter and more peaceful than the previous albums with influences from the bizarre humor of the Pomme Fritz "Little Album" EP. I must say that I first said it was their fourth best album but now I would rank this as The Orbs second best album tied alongside Orblivion and ranks just behind UFOrb & Ultraworld as their best album. The music is stunningly creative, exquisit, and I must even say a bit bizarre at times especially. I'm not suprised if fans of UFOrb and Ultraworld are dissapointed with this release or even ended up disliking it but while that's understandable I must say that Orbus Terrarum was a bold move for the Orb in trying whole different terrorities and sounds instead of being stuck. The album cover art sets the general mood of the record: Light but strange.

Valley begins this record and sets the general mood of this record with misty sounds with lots of aquatic sounds giving a feel of a journey through the jungles on the bottom of a valley on a misty day. The best part of the song is at the last 40 seconds with the tingling, dubby keyboards giving a feel of being pelted with raindrops. Plateau is my favorite song off Orbus Terrarum. It begins with the sound of someone announcing the beginning of someone saying "And Now Folks For an old familar favorite. We've had many requests for this. It's a little sentimental song and I surely hope, all you sentimental folks out there are going to enjoy it. Really fellas, Let's Go!" and the voice effects echo away with the misty melody kicking in and continuing the sounds of Valley but with a slightly darker tone and more of a New Agey feel. Ultimately beats come in around the 3 minute mark and culminating with thumping beats and echoing voice effects of someone yelling in the distance. Plateau oddly enough, somewhat reminds me of A Huge Evergrowing Brain That Rules From The Center Of The Universe. I give my hats off to Dr. Paterson for composing this wonderful piece. The next song Oxbow Lakes, is one of the most un-Orblike songs that The Orb have ever made. It starts off with echoing pianos and aquatic watery sounds giving a feel of swimming under the crystal blue sea. The song gradually intensifies and becomes a chaotic rave number while maintaining it's natural atmosphere. The song eventually calms back down like a storm moving out and leaving behind a bit of eerieness not too unlike some of the quieter parts of UFOrb. Montage D'or is a 10 minute, 42 second song with more of a Pomme Fritz-like atmosphere. It starts off with someone ranting about leaving for Constantinople tonight before a strange guitar lick comes in with boiling water sound effects. Around the 4:30 mark a defined rhythm comes in and blasts into a chaotic track with metallic beats and a slightly jazzy feel. An explosive sound ends Montagne D'Or and it ushers in the next track White River Junction. White River Junction is more laid back and less intense than the previous two track. I could swear I hear a voice effect repeating the quote "Listen To The Radio". A melody comes in with a very relaxing melody and a sort of 'humid' feel like the sun breaking out after a thunderstorm. Then it sort of becomes an electronic rave-like song with a darker minor note feel. Overall it's probably the mellowest song on Orbus Terrarum. The next track Occidental while not a mistake like a previous reviewer said, it doesn't quite belong on Orbus Terrarum but yes, Occidental fits more on Pomme Fritz with the bizarre flutelike sounds and crazy sound effects. However there are many great sound effects in this track. The last few minutes though drag on though with muddle up noise effects and it and kind of dogs the track down a little. A lowering voice effect ends Occidental and begins Slug Dub. Slug Dub is probably one of the dubbiest tracks the Orb have ever done. It's a bizarrely arranged track with lots of voice effects of different pitches almost like two disaster approaching from two different directions. The voices stop around the two minute mark and then light beats come in with a relatively somber minor note feel and blasting into a rock/pop oriented song with melodie. I don't want to give too much away about this song because while I could, I find it difficult to explain how Slug Dub really is. The sound effects later in the song can be a bit grating at times though. I love the bird sound effects around the 10 & a half minute mark and how the melodies morph throught out the song. Slug Dub ends Orbus Terrarum at 17: minutes and 3 seconds.

I can't really explain how much I really recommend getting Orbus Terrarum because it's an absolutely beautiful album that unfortunately was overlooked during it's release.


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