Hype Williams - Untitled x One Nation (v0) MP3/Flac

Good day peoples who follow HFS40k. Haven't posted here in months so I figured I'd drop by to say hi and give you some music I've been digging. Enter Hype Williams: "Onstage, online, and on film, the band likes to maintain an aura of cut-and-paste mystery: they perform wearing elaborate DIY masks on stage (often made out of aluminium foil), call themselves D. Blunt and Inga Copeland, are practically impossible to catch for an interview. When you do corner them with questions, they respond something totally (or rather, seemingly) unrelated."
Their music is very distinct and difficult to pin-point, mostly lo-fi dub-influenced psychedelia. All the tracks have this haze and fuzziness that really creates the feel of a warm Boards of Canada track melted through a tin can and fucked with by different influences: some being new age, some being aggressive like Black Dice, and some including clips of passages of dialogue (some philosophical, some just utter nonsense). Made by potheads for potheads (and odd people like me :D). Their 2010 untitled release is more experimental and their 2011 album One Nation is definitely more "catchy" and accessible as a whole. I love both and own both on vinyl. Their newest full release is to be out in April on Hyperdub. Hope you all enjoy.

Untitled (2010)
Hype Williams - Untitled x One Nation (v0)
Download v0 (only exists in v0 at this point, a vinyl-only release)

One Nation (2011)
Hype Williams - Untitled x One Nation (v0)Download v0 (has a web rip but it's a lossy master so no 100% FLAC can ever exist)