The Jesus And Mary Chain – Send Me Away 12\'\' LP MP3/Flac

This one is pretty much for fans only, mostly because of the average sound quality. While ripping this, I noticed that the clicks seem to be coming from the recording itself, not from my record, so I suspect that these demos don't come directly from the studio tapes but from previously released bootlegs. That would explain the sound quality...

You can read more about these series of recent bootlegs on this blog: Little Black Star.

Artist: The Jesus And Mary Chain
Title: Send Me Away - Early Demos
Format: 12'' LP (bootleg)
Label: -
Cat. Num.: -
Year: 2011


A1: Up Too High
A2: On The Wall
A3: Never Understand
A4: Taste The Floor
A5: Upside Down
A6: In A Hole

B1: Something's Wrong
B2: Inside Me
B3: It's So Hard
B4: Send Me Away
B5: Just Out Of Reach
B6: Vegetable Man
B7: Upside Down