Breaking Circus - The Ice Machine (1986) & Smokers\' Paradise ep (1987) + bonus 7\" in FLAC MP3/Flac

Last week I was inspired by the request of another blogger to rip Breaking Circus' 1985 ep The Very Long Fuse to the lossless FLAC format as opposed to my usual MP3s.  Today I present submit to you the remainder of the B/C oeuvre, starting with their only bona fide full length, The Ice Machine, a Homestead Records product dating back a quarter century ago.  Pound for pound, I regard The Very Long Fuse as their strongest record, but Ice Machine comes in at a very, very close second, featuring some of their most pummeling selections, namely "Took a Hammering" and "Swept Blood," both of which are profoundly induced with a solid dose of Big Black.  Something tells me that Steve Björklund and Co. had a few collective go arounds with Atomizer before tracking this baby. 

The Circus' third and final 12" Smokers' Paradise trails it's two predecessors by a good distance, but is markedly more diverse, with prominent keyboard presence on the title cut, and pop flirtations elsewhere.  I have to concede that "Eat Lead" and "Emperor Calvin" are as hard boiled as anything in their catalog.
I'm a bit confused regarding Breaking Circus' final salvo, a 1989 45 which is essentially a Björklund solo venture featuring electro-pop renderings of Naked Raygun's "Home of the Brave," and a UK Subs song, "Warhead" on the b-side.  My confusion lies in the fact that supposedly it came bundled with a fanzine with no picture sleeve, but my copy has an accompanying sleeve, a bright yellow one at that (depicted below).  Was my version only available separately from the zine?  No bigee.  I got mine, and that's what counts.  Anyway, enjoy the "hammer" records in glorious, FLAC-o-phonic sound.'

The Ice Machine
01. Song of the South
02. Ancient Axes
03. Daylight
04. Caskets & Clocks
05. Deadly China Doll
06. Laid so Low
07. Took a Hammering
08. Walter
09. Swept Blood
10. Where
11. Gun Shy
12. Evil Last Night

Smokers' Paradise ep
01. Smokers Paradise
02. Three Cool Cats
03. ShockHammer Thirteen
04. Emperor Calvin
05. Medicine Lake
06. Eat Lead

1989 7"
A. Home of the Brave
B. Warhead