100 Flowers - 21st Guessing (1989, DTK) MP3/Flac

It would probably be smart to eliminate any confusion by mentioning up front that this is not the same 100 Flowers that were the spinoff of minimalist, L.A. punks The Urinals who recorded for Happy Squid Records.   Heck, that explanation took quicker than I anticipated, but as usual, I digress.  No, these 100 Flowers blossomed in Canada, possibly from Nova Scotia, yet they utterly ooze the aura of Midwest American indie combos like The Libertines, The Embarrassment, The Service, and by default, I guess it would be apt to point a finger at the Replacements too (though frontman Stephen Moore doesn't have a thing on Westerberg in the vocals department).  21st Guessing's most impressive moments, including "Roof tops" and "Pam" make a solid case for 100 Flowers being a lost artifact from the American heartland circa the late '80s, but this five-piece hailed from environs north, difficult as that may be to believe upon listening. 

There's little to nothing web-wise to unearth on this intriguing bouquet, but videos for "Pam" and "Haunted" are available on YouTube.  Since I have been unable to obtain an affordable vinyl copy of 21st Guessing, this rip was taken straight from an original cassette.  BTW, can anybody confirm if this came out on CD?  If anyone in/associated with the Flowers sees this, feel free to drop a line. 

01. Coming Up for Air
02. Pam
03. He and She
04. Nothing is Hard
05. Roof tops
06. The Best Status Symbol
07. Haunted
08. 21st Guessing
09. Darkness
10. The Naught
11. We're Waiting