Thumbs - s/t (1979, Ramona) MP3/Flac

Well wouldn't you know it, just when I was expecting all things punk/power-pop from this quartet, presumably from Lawrence, KS, I actually wound up with a group subscribing more to the ethos of the Velvets and Television, albeit in a far more economic and organic fashion.  Unlike that groundbreaking pair, the Thumbs weren't particularly innovative (or as long winded), but no worse off for it, pumping out nearly a dozen unvarnished, no-frills songs informed by the relatively fresh enlightenment of the proto-punk epoch.  The man on the mic, Steve Wilson, occasionally gravitates into a Dylan-esque drawl, though not exaggerated.  There's some pretty sweet six-string and organ interplay going on here as well, furthering Thumbs inherently warm tenor.  If anyone can offer any vital stats on this crew, comment as you see fit.    

01. Sweet & Wild
02. In the Family
03. Is It Asking Too Much?
04. 4th of July
05. Still Bound to You
06. Inch or Two
07. Straight to the Heart
08. Frame of Mind
09. Moonlight
10. Rags to Rags
11. Art History