Cinderblock - Greatest Hits (1992, Restless) MP3/Flac

Thought this would be an appropriate follow-up to my Lustre entry from yesterday, not that the two groups share any sort of relation, but who sonically speaking are cut from almost identical sackcloth.  There's no readily available info to be had regarding Cinderblock, a three-piece San Francisco treat whose Greatest Hits album is almost certainly titled in jest, given there doesn't appear to be any releases preceding (and in fact, following) it.  Nothing particularly fancy, in fact a bit anti-climactic as far as rugged, power-chord fortified rock goes.  Despite some spicy axe squalls from leadman Jason Apodaca, Cinderblock strike me as a wee bit sedated on the John Strohm produced Hits, leaving me to wonder what demo or rehearsal takes of the relatively stimulating "Leaves" and "Bed and Shower" would have done for this pair or ears.   The material here occasionally brings to mind the Pedaljets, albeit with more of an AOR tilt.  Furthermore, I have big reservations for the two concluding clunkers, "This is Me" and "Everything," but don't be sad, eight out of ten ain't bad.

01. Ins and Outs
02. Leaves
03. Fall Into Place
04. Never
05. Bed and Shower
06. Crush
07. Everything On You
08. Lie
09. This is Me
10. Everything