Luther Allison - Southside Safari MP3/Flac

The tracks on this disc were recorded live at a nightclub in Peoria Heights, Illinois in 1979. Luther skillfullly reworks B.B.King's "Thrill is Gone" then adds his interpretation of Junior Wells "Messing with the Kid". He also throws in some of his own songs and "You're Gonna Need Me" is my favorite of those. The next to the last band-and my favorite- is "Cat Blues", Luther's funny tribute to the Caterpillar Tractor company (based in Peoria)and his own troubles working there. "Cat Blues" gives the best sense of the magic that Luther Allison worked upon his audience as he is cheered on by the audience, some of whom worked at Caterpillar themselves. If money is tight, I might suggest blues lovers download only the two songs, "Cat Blues" and "Thrill is Gone".All tracks have been digitally remastered.