Youth Gone Mad - Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee Ramone (2002) MP3/Flac

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01 Bego Bago
02 False Alarm
03 I Gotta Right To Love Her
04 I Kill You
05 You Guys Ready
06 Blitzkrieg Bop
07 Horror Hospital
08 Louse
09 Rock'n'Roll
10 Sheena Is A Surf Punk
11 Stinky Punk
12 Twist & Shout
13 Yellow
14 Dee Dee Deceased
15 In The Vines

Youth Gone Mad frontman, Paul Kostabi, and former Ramones songwriter/bass player, Dee Dee Ramone, began working together as collaborative artists on a series of paintings. After doing some shows, both in art galleries and music halls, the two started recording songs together in New York. Dee Dee wrote some songs, played guitar, sang a little and even played bass on "Horror Hospital". The sessions ended up being Dee Dee's final studio recordings...


Preview: Youth Gone Mad feat. Dee Dee Ramone - I Kill You: