Derozer - Alla Nostra Eta\' (1998) MP3/Flac

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01 Tu Lo Sai
02 TG
03 Alla Nostra Eta'
04 Pubblicita'
05 Equilibri Instabili
06 Radio
07 2100
08 Mururoa
09 L'Affare
10 La Bionda
11 Branca Day
12 Lungo La Strada

Derozer is an Italian punk rock band, formed in July 1989 in the town of Vicenza. Starting from the second half of the 90es it has been (together with Punkreas) the most famous and influential Italian punk rock band and one of the most active bands in the alternative ska and punk music scene. This is their second full lenght album...


Preview: Derozer - Pubblicita':