Adicts - This Is Your Life (1983) MP3/Flac

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01 Viva La Revolution
02 Steamroller
03 This Is Your Life
04 Don't Exploit Me
05 Younger Generation
06 Calling Calling
07 Just Like Me
08 Easy Way Out
09 This Week
10 Organised Confusion
11 Straight Jacket
12 Numbers
13 Get Adicted
14 Distortion
15 Sensitive
16 Sympathy
17 Sheer Enjoyment
18 Champs Elysees
19 Sound Of Music
20 Who Spilt My Beer
21 Cowboys

This Is Your Life was not an important album - it launched nothing, ended nothing. It was entertaining as hell, however, hammerblowing off with tight little riffs and assimilating punk's often mislabeled joyful distrust of everything around it. This Is Your Life was the unquestionable high point of the Adicts' early career...


Preview: Adicts - Just Like Me: