Wine Wine Wine 3/05 Mix Tape MP3/Flac

wow, this thing is all over the place..... just another meaningless mix tape. I've said it before about these things but i can't imagine that anyone reading this has read anything else i've ever posted or could begin to believe that anyone has read anything else i've ever posted so let me say again that originally these things were almost always made just for me for driving in the car to work in the morning or to listen to while at work (at least in the early days my job would allow music to be played) and since these things were made rather hap-hazard and really only for me (a few made their way to some other peoples hands) they can really be a bit "odd".... hey, i like a lot of different music and i would make tapes of some of the stuff i would find out and about and add some stuff i had laying around. i've been feeling a bit self conscious about these things and was even thinking about pulling the plug, thinking who the fuck i am to think that anyone wants to hear this stupid waste of time and all these silly tapes..... well i got a few people saying the like them! and i like them too! so now you have to endure more!

PS: i am drunk and yes i know my writing sucks.... thanks anyway.

Wine Wine Wine 3/05 Mix Tape - A

Wine Wine Wine 3/05 Mix Tape - B