Josky Kiambukuta & Madilu SystemMondjo MP3/Flac

Do you know that saying, 'never judge a book by looking

at it's cover' ? The same wisdom can be used here. About

everything at this sleeve is tasteless. These two guys deserve

a whole lot better to my opinion, and the album as well. Driving

force behind the music machine is the versatile Rigo. The voices

belong to these heroes, Josky Kiambukuta and Madilu System.


1 Destin

2 Erreur

3 La sincerité

4 Priere



Only during the recording of the fourth track

I realized it has a religious message. If I had seen

it sooner I would have ignored the album. I am against

all religion. It is strictly out of respect for these

great singers I let it slip through,

enjoy nevertheless !