Youlou Mabiala - La B.C.C.( Banque Commerciale Congolaise ),Tchi-Tchi MP3/Flac

Good morning groovers. 2011 went by faster then prehensible.

This is already the last post for this year. It is a 12" single that

was not for sale. It was a present of the 'Banque Commerciale

Congolaise' for their 'binal annuel'. A rare single by Youlou

Mabiala. I do not know who are accompanying him on this

one, I think it must be his group 'Kamikaze Loningisa'.

Anyway, thank you all for being such loyal visitors and

keep checking the Global Groove in 2012. We're

gonna continue to try and bring the unexpected.

Lots of luck and health in the new year !


1 B.C.C.

2 Annee test