Olomide - Ngobila,Afro Rythmes MP3/Flac

Good evening groovers, happy new year. Last night I watched

a fantastic show at BBC 2 television. I had enough wild party's

in my life and the annual hootenanny with Jools Holland is a

program I always watch when I'm at home newyears eve. He

always has the most wonderful guests, young and older talent

are brought together. It's a joy to see so many super happy

people enjoying all that marvelous music played alive. The

Dutch new years evening shows can't compare with this

Brittish masterpiece of TV-making. It is my deepest

wish to, you never know, some day be able to join

that crowd at Jools' annual show. I can't imagine

a better party than that one. Do you have

that inside connection ?

Meantime, what have

we got cooking for y'all today ?

Koffi Olomide's first lp at this page.

Listen and tell me..


1 Ngobila

2 Ouragan

3 Apostolu ya bolingo

4 Djema top-model