Bopol Mansiamina -The Original Innovation,Star Musique MP3/Flac

Let me tell you straight, this is a masterpiece. I think this

must be Bopol's best lp ever, damn..I love it. With Nyboma's

wonderful vocals, Dally on guitar and Bopol on bass, bloody

brilliant. I need to tell you something else. It's not the first time

that while listening to the music it becomes clear they mixed up

the titles. track one is 'Cardiaque ya l'amour' and track two

is obvious 'Décèption motema'. Both sleeve and label state

the other way around. I changed the tracklist and put it in

the order it is on the actual vinyl, seemed logic, enjoy.


1 Cardiaque ya l'amour

2 Décèption motema

3 Issa touré

4 Papy ozonga