Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Melody maestroes -Big Sound, Philips 1969 MP3/Flac

Victor Uwaifo's albums are not widely available as you

might know, therefore I was extra happily surprised to

find this rare 10" at the last fair. after some whealin' and

dealin' it became part of my, and now your, collection.

It seems Sir Victor was crazy about his song 'joromi',

it keeps showing up. As for the other nine songs, we

did not have them before. Take'm they're yours., it has a couple tics and tacs

and a minor jump, sorry for that...


1 Akwete

2 Oliha

3 Siwo siwo

4 Sesese

5 Do amen do

6 Joromi

7 Tisha

8 Eraldo gbengigialo

9 Agege ogiobo

10 Iriorere