Whitesnake - Forevermore (2011) [CD and DVD] MP3/Flac

Whitesnake - Forevermore (2011) [CD and DVD]
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Sir David Coverdale has returned with a new album that is a true return to Whitesnake’s 1980’s
Whitesnake - Forevermore (2011) [CD and DVD]
dominance. It is not a simple case of saying this is the next 1987 or Slide It In as Forevermore stands

on it’s own merits. That said, it does sit nicely on a shelf next to these two classics.

The band, featuring the dynamic guitar tandem of Doug Aldrich and Reb Beach, play like their lives

depend on it. Beach is amazing guitarist in his own right, perhaps more schooled and even more

technically skilled than his counterpart, however, Aldrich wins, hands down, in the songwriting and rip

snorting, from the crotch, rocking lead guitarist point of view. Having co-written the album with

Coverdale, Aldrich’s presence helps take this album from just another Whitesnake album to a true

rock classic.


Steal Your Heart Away
This tune centers around a distorted blues lick, part Whitesnake, part ZZ Top. Coverdale, despite

being in his 60’s, steals the song with his come hither vocals. This song proves the band is firing on

all cylinders. The guitar solo bounces between hammer-ons, melodic runs and lickity-split fast runs.

All Out of Luck
Think of this song as a utility player on a baseball team. Not an all-star and not a minor leaguer but

rather somewhere in-between. Far from a clunker, “All Out of Luck” is more than filler yet it fails to

reach the heights of the songs surrounding it. Worthy yet just not as worthy as others on


Love Will Set You Free
This is the best song Whitesnake has written in the last quarter century. Coverdale will quell all rumors

of vocal problems. New drummer Brian Tichy holds this one together allowing Doug Aldrich to jam

out one of the best solos of his career. The video features a poll-dancing scene that will have

heterosexual males of all ages glued to the television.

Easier Said Than Done
This tune is pretty much the ‘let’s do a classic Whitesnake ballad’ part of Forevermore. It is a nice,

melodic song that is sure to be loved by the girls more than the boys.

Tell Me How
The band did a good job with this one, creating a mid-tempo tune that incorporates some modern

guitar technique without abandoning the classic Snake sound. Not the strongest track but not the

worst either.

I Need You (Shine a Light)
Doug Aldrich and David Coverdale wrote a true hit single with this one. The song has a great, melodic

lick, a great guitar solo and a powerful vocal. The intriguing thing about “I Need You” is that this is

not a run of the mill Whitesnake track. It shows the band growing and willing to try different things. It

is a straight-ahead rocker with an inviting twist. This song is a trip back to early Bernie Marsden

Whitesnake with a tip of the hat to the classic ‘80’s band while still standing on it’s own. Needless to

say it is one of the best tracks on the disc.

One of These Days
“One of These Days” is a an acoustic number that would have been at home on Coverdale’s post

Deep Purple solo albums. It is a nice break from the hard rocking songs and, once again, shows the

band willing to take risks and step outside of what the industry would expect from Whitesnake.

Love and Treat Me Right
As “I Need You” and “One of These Days” show the band willing to try different things, “Love and

Treat Me Right” show that Whitesnake still remember why they become so famous. This would have

been at home on any of the band’s platinum albums of the past. It should be turned up to 11.

Dogs in the Street
If there is a clunker on Forevermore then “Dogs” is it. One could say “Dogs” is a dog. It is not a bad

song but the ‘80’s clich?s are all over the place. Back in the day, when albums were only ten songs, it

is doubtful this one would have made the cut.

Fare Thee Well
David appeals to his British past with this acoustic tune. This is one of the best songs on the album. It

is something that he would not have put on an album in the past as it is a long way from “Still of the

Night.” This is a heartfelt song featuring innocent lyrics and a melancholy strummed acoustic guitar.

One could see the band ending their regular set with this one as it would have lighters and cell phones

lighting up arenas every night.

Whipping Boy Blues
Dripping with electric guitar, “Whipping Boy” would fit comfortably on Ready and Willing from the

early Whitesnake era or perhaps on Slide It In. The solos are crisp, the rhythm loud and proud and

the vocals sexified. Beach does whammy bar dives while Aldrich rips speedy licks. This is another

one where the band seem to be hell bent on making the classic rock community sit up and take notice.

My Evil Ways
Think Whitesnake meets classic Scorpions and you have an idea of the guitar-fest that is “My Evil

Ways.” Coverdale, again, impresses with his powerful vocals. This is classic Snake that should prove

to be a centerpiece in the live set. Aldrich and Beach take a harmonic lead break that builds up to a

true wankfest of killer proportions. The two have a true guitar battle that leaves only one winner: The


The title track is a seven-minute plus epic that shows all of the current band’s strengths. The

musicianship is stellar, the vocals outstanding and the mixture of ballad and rocker, light to darkness

and soft to loud make this one of the best of the bunch.

Tracklist CD:

1. Steal Your Heart Away 5:18
2. All Out Of Luck 5:27
3. Love Will Set You Free 3:51
4. Easier Said Than Done 5:12
5. Tell Me How Listen 4:40
6. I Need You (Shine A Light) 3:48
7. One Of These Days 4:52
8. Love And Treat Me Right 4:13
9. Dogs In The Street 3:47
10. Fare Thee Well 5:17
11. Whipping Boy Blues 5:01
12. My Evil Ways 4:32
13. Forevermore 7:22
14. Love Will Set You Free (alt Mix) (Bonus Track) 4:09
15. Forevermore (acoustic version) (Bonus Track) 4:42
16. My Evil Ways (My Evil Drums Mix) (Bonus Track) 4:50

Tracklist DVD:

1. Making of "Forevermore"
2. Forevermore: Track By Track
3. Love Will Set You Free - Music Video
4. Making of "Love Will Set You Free"