Dick Curless - Discography (23 Albums) MP3/Flac

Dick Curless - Discography (23 Albums)
Richard William Curless (March 17, 1932 – May 25, 1995) was an American country-music singer, a pioneer of the trucking music genre, commonly known as the "Baron of Country Music." He was easily distinguished because of the patch he usually wore over his right eye.

For a man who was regarded as a cult artist for most of his career, Dick Curless was certainly able to surround himself with the cream of the crop when it came to producers and sidemen, among whom are listed Buck Owens, Tommy Collins, James Burton, Ralph Mooney, Harold Bradley, Pete Drake, David Duke (not that one), and a slew of others. Tombstone Every Mile, the name of Curless' first bona fide hit in 1964, is a Bear Family collection that compiles 191 tracks over seven CDs. It is an exhaustive collection of everything Curless recorded for Tower, Event, Alagash, Standard, and Tiffany from 1950 through 1969. He signed with Capitol in 1970, and there's another box covering that period. Curless recorded until finishing his last album literally days before his death in 1995. While this set documents the singer/songwriter's first forays into Ernest Tubb-style honky tonk, it spends a great deal of time displaying his roots in the Bakersfield sound pioneered by Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, and others and his transition into making "truck driver's music" -- mostly because his cult was made of truckers, not because he wrote for them exclusively. Virtually every kind of country music is documented here, from honky tonk barnburners to gospel tunes to love ballads to novelty tunes to cowboy songs and classic ballads. There are train songs and pain songs, truck songs and mama songs. His readings of tunes by Lefty Frizzell, Red Simpson, Merle Travis, Don Gibson, Billy Mize, Buck Owens, Johnny Cash, Haggard, Collins, public domain tunes such as "Streets of Laredo," and his own early efforts established him as a great stylist and singer as well as a keen interpreter -- his version of Cash's "I Walk the Line" is only eclipsed by the master's. Curless' repertoire covered the entire history of the music as it came down from the Carter Family. There are over a dozen complementary unreleased masters here, making this a must for the country collector, and to have the material organized in such painstaking chronologically recorded fashion adds depth and dimension to Curless' development as an artist. Ultimately, if you are at all a fan, this set and his final album, Traveling Through on the Rounder label, are the things to have. The Capitol period is good, it's just not revelatory like this stuff is. ~ Thom Jurek, All Music Guide. For more information, See:

1959 - Songs Of The Open Country (192 kbps):
1961 - Singing Just For Fun (192 kbps):
1962 - I Love To Tell The Story (192 kbps):
1965 - Tombstone Every Mile (192 kbps):
1966 - A Devil Like Me Needs An Angel Like You (With Kay Adams) (192 kbps):
1966 - At Home With Dick Curless (192 kbps):
1966 - Hymns (192 kbps):
1966 - The Soul Of Dick Curless (192 kbps):
1966 - Travelin' Man (192 kbps):
1967 - All Of Me Belongs To You (House Or Memories) (192 kbps):
1968 - Ramblin' Country (192 kbps):
1968 - The Long Lonesome Road (192 kbps):
1969 - The Wild Side Of Town (192 kbps):
1970 - Hard, Hard Traveling Man (192 kbps):
1971 - Comin' On Country (192 kbps):
1971 - Doggin' It (192 kbps):
1972 - Stonin' Around (192 kbps):
1973 - Live At The Wheeling Truck Drivers Jamboree (192 kbps):
1973 - The Last Blues Song (192 kbps):
1995 - Traveling Through (320 kbps):
1998 - The Drag 'Em Off The Interstate, Sock It To 'Em Hits Of Dick Curless (192 kbps):
Box Sets:

1996 - A Tombstone Every Mile (192 kbps):
2000 - Hard, Hard Traveling Man (256 kbps):

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