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ABBA - In Studio 2 (1976) [SATRip]
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In the show "ABBA in Studio 2" (ABABBA - In Studio 2 (1976) [SATRip]ABBA - In Studio 2 (1976) [SATRip]ABBA - In Studio 2 (1976) [SATRip]BA w studio 2) the group performed almost all new songs from the forthcoming new album "Arrival" and the already well-known world hit "Fernando". Bonus tracks used in the documentary were "SOS" and "Nina Pretty Ballerina", plus interviews.

ABBA went to Poland at the beginning of October 1976. The group promoted their forthcoming album "Arrival" which would be released some days later. Frida, Benny and Björn travelled together to Poland on October 7th - Agnetha and her father Ingvar arrived already one day before, on October 6th, 1976. The Polish TV team made a short documentary from the trip to Poland including a video clip "SOS". Agnetha was filmed outside the hotel "Forum" and Frida, Björn & Benny on the plane. Even a short interview was done by Polish journalists during the flight.


* Arrival
01. Waterloo
* Interview on plane
02. SOS
* Interview on plane
03. Nina Pretty Ballerina
04. Dancing Queen
05. My Love My Life
08. When I Kissed The Teacher
09. Knowing Me Knowing You
10. Fernando
11. Tiger
12. Money Money Money
* Many thanks
13. Fernando
* End credit

Duration: 00:46:12

Filmed 7-8 October 1976, Warsaw, Poland.