Various Artists - That's Bubble Dance Vol.2 (2010) MP3/Flac

Various Artists - That's Bubble Dance Vol.2 (2010)
The Saifam Group Digital
mp3 320kbps
01. Jenny Rom & The Zippers - Waka Laka (Bubble Mix)
02. Captain Hook - Crazy Party (Long West Edit)
03. Peek-A-Boo - Bang Bang Baby (Peek-A-Boo Speedy Mix)
04. Task Force feat. Trisha - Everybody Commando (Marchin' Mix)
05. Task Force feat. Trisha - Capitan Black (U-Boat Mix)
06. Babilonia - The Lion Sleeps Tonight (A.R. Remix Version)
07. Jenny Rom - Supervideo (The Bubble Dance Mix)
08. Ken Martin - Sex Crime (Eurodance Mix)
09. Pierrot - Blue Eyes Babe (F.T. Mix)
10. Gelato - Penguin's Game (English Version)

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