Les Grands Maquisards - LesMerveilles du Passé 1968 1969,african 360.155, 1986 MP3/Flac

Let's continue to fill up the gaps in 'african's 360.000 list.

Today's post concerns number 360.155 from 1986. We

already found a few of these songs on other collectors on

this label, #'s 2 and 4 for instance. The major part however

wasn't exposed yet. If you're into Congolese music, you

may consider this a classic, don't miss it !


1 Kiesse

2 Nalela ndenge nini

3 Mado

4 Maria mboka

5 Nsonia

6 Biki

7 Mobembo mosili

8 Obotama mobali ndima pasi

9 Kaka mpo ya makango