Joe Turner - Things that I used to do,Pablo 1977 MP3/Flac

When the weather is changing drastic, like this time of year,

and raving storms pull trees from the ground, it's time for blues.

Joe Turner is surrounded by some topnotch musicians on this

1977 session. Alto sax - Eddie Vinson, tenor saxes - Rashid

Ali and Wild Bill Moore, trumpet - Blue Mitchell, piano - Lloyd

Glenn, organ - Gildo Mahones, guitars - Greg Beck and Gary

Bell, bass - Lawrence Gales and drums - Bruno Carr. Spin it..


1 Things that I used to do

2 S.K. Blues

3 Jelly jelly blues

4 Hey little girl

5 Shake it and break it

6 St. Louis blues

7 Oke-she-moke-she-pop

8 My train rolled up in Texas