\"Franco\" Luambo Makiadi & his O.K. Jazz -Live Recording of the Afro European Tour,african 360.114 & 360.115, 1978 MP3/Flac

Good afternoon, oncemore I am asking for your opinion on

a matter. The title of this LP is 'Live Recording of the Afro

European Tour'. When listening I get the impresssion the

music was made in a studio and the audience was mixed

in afterwards. We saw it before. Another strange thing is

that the pictures inside show the band playing in a studio.

I could be wrong, what do you think ? One way or the other,

the music is as Franco as always, just beautiful, enjoy !



1 Oh ! Miguel

2 Sala lokola luntadila

3 Malou-o bijou

4 Bomba, bomba, mabe

5 Na vanda bombanda

6 Libala ya bana na bana


1 Lisolo ya adamu na nzambe

2 Mama na bebe

3 Meta mama na bana

4 Mbongo

5 Amour viole

6 Lotambe