Gangstas And Thugs-Just Another Day-(Retail)-1995 MP3/Flac

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[i] Artist : Gangstas & Thugs[/i]
[i] Album : Just Another Day[/i]
[i] Year : 1995[/i]
[i] Label : MCA[/i]
[i] Genre : R&B[/i]
[i] Format : Album[/i]
[i] Encoder : LAME v3.99/-V0[/i]
[i] Quality : VBRkbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo[/i]
[i] Source : CDDA[/i]
[i] Rip Date : Dec-09-2011[/i]
[i] Size : 123,0 MB[/i]
[i] Playtime : 66:56 min[/i]
[i] Catalognr : MCAD-11225[/i]
[i] Tracklist[/i]
[i] 01.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Endonisha [04:57][/i]
[i] 02.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Doin' My Time [04:19][/i]
[i] 03.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Just Another Day [04:47][/i]
[i] 04.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Something's Going Wrong [05:11][/i]
[i] 05.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Peace Up On It [04:59][/i]
[i] 06.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Momma Song [04:50][/i]
[i] 07.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Smiling Faces Sometimes [06:34][/i]
[i] 08.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Feelin' Blue [04:23][/i]
[i] 09.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Young Clack Killa [04:44][/i]
[i] 10.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Shoot Em Up [06:49][/i]
[i] 11.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Gat [05:01][/i]
[i] 12.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Thin Line Between Love and Hate [05:04][/i]
[i] 13.[/i]Gangstas & Thugs - [/i][i]Body Lick [05:18][/i]
[i] ReleaseNotes[/i]
[i] -------------[/i]
[i] Executive Producers: Paul Stewart and Coolio[/i]
[i] Discovered by Coolio, who hired GAT to provide[/i]
[i] harmonies on his solo album Fantastic Voyage This[/i]
[i] Compton quartet blends the unabashed honesty of[/i]
[i] today s hip-hop with the rich traditions of classic[/i]
[i] soul Just Another Day offers streetwise social[/i]
[i] commentary set to lush RnB harmonies[/i]
[i] -------------[/i]