The Beach Boys - Surf\'s Up (FLAC) MP3/Flac

People get so caught up over this stuff about which albums Brian Wilson contributed to. I guess if someone is just a Brian Wilson fan that can be instructive for some, but nevertheless, this is in many ways a forgotten treasure.

It is often packaged together with Sunflower, which really makes me wonder what happened to the Beach Boys' market in the early 70's, because both albums were sensational and mostly overlooked.

If I were going to rank the top post-1965 albums by the Beach Boys, I would rank them thusly:

How good is Surf's Up?

Well, Let It Be might not have been the Beatles' best record, but it has some pretty good moments and I would compare Surf's Up very favorably with that release. Feel Flows is an all time classic, as is the title track. There are a couple of out of the mode tunes on here but they generally work within the expermental framework of the integrated album. It was the early 1970's, with Pink Floyd putting barking dogs on their Meddle album from about the same time.

While I can understand someone only downloading Feel Flows and the title track, I certainly can't recommend unless someone has heard the entire album first. Would you rip out your two favorite chapters in Moby Dick and toss the rest? This is an album from a period when artists still had things to say and were attempting to paint pictures and create moods.

Surf's Up is highly recommended.

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