The Beach Boys - Sunflower (FLAC) MP3/Flac

Here we go. This is the Beach Boys as I know and love them. Sunflower is a wonderfully inspired effort from the Beach Boys, and includes some of the most stunning harmonies they ever recorded. If all you've ever heard of the Beach Boys is Pet Sounds, I pity you. Their post-Pet Sounds material may not be written about with the same fervor, but they unquestionably had a lot left to offer in the relm of sugary melodies. By this time, Brian Wilson's creative control of the band was no longer such a sure thing, and there were many tracks that were either co-written or entirely composed without Brian's influence. His brother Dennis in particular was coming into his own as an incredible songwriting talent with such tracks as "Slip on Through", the rocker "Got to Know the Woman", and the beautifully tender "Forever". In the 1990s, the musical world saw the Beach Boys in a different light than they had since the 1960s. Their music was revered both commercially and critically for the first time in many years and finally people started to take notice of their early Brother albums, Sunflower and Surf's Up in particular. The arrangements on this album were imaginative and unyielding and it was clear that the Boys were still the creative force the world knew them to be. I understand if you worry that this album couldn't possibly be anything but a disappointment after Pet Sounds. I mean, after all, when do you ever hear the words `Beach Boys' and `70s' in the same sentance? Well, if it is critical reassurance that you need, understand that this record was very well received in Britain, even if America remained oblivious to its genius.

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