Keith Mansfield & Terry Cox - Technology and Movement (1980) MP3/Flac

256 kbps / 62 mb

A1Handmade by Robots 
A2The Plus Factor a 
A3The Plus Factor b 
A4Microchip Revolution a 
A5Microchip Revolution b 
A6Microchip Revolution c 
A7Energy Flow a 
A8Energy Flow b 
A9Energy Flow c 
A10International Report a 
A11International Report b 
A12International Report c 
A13International Report d 
A14International Report e 
A15International Report f 
A16International Report g 
B1Wide Horizons a 
B2Wide Horizons b 
B3Wide Horizons c 
B4Wide Horizons d 
B5Wide Horizons e 
B6Wide Horizons f 
B7Wide Horizons g 
B8High Flying 
B9Technology and Movement a 
B10Technology and Movement b 
B11Technology and Movement c 
B12Passport International a 
B13Passport International b 
B14Passport International c 
B15Force Majeure