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Bruno Spoerri & Reto Weber – The Sound Of The Ufos LP Gold Records [11058] (1978) Drums, Marimba, Cymbal, Talking Drum, Bells, Bell Tree, Finger Cymbals, Triangle, Percussion, Composer, Arranger - Reto Weber; Recorder - Peter Pfister; Synthesizer, Vocoder, Composer, Arranger, Producer, Remix - Bruno Spoerri. Recorded live at Thearena, Zurich, March 15, 1978. Buy it here.

Bruno Spoerri plays:
Wind Synthesizer Driver/EMS Vocoder 2000, VCS-3, Pitch To Voltage Converter & Random Generator/Arp Odyssey & Omni/Mini-Moog & Micro-Moog/Sequential Circuits & Arp Sequencers/Bode Frequency Shifter/Echoplex & Roland Space Echo/Roland Rhythm Box/Mu-Tron Bi-Phase.

Reto Weber plays:
Bass Drums 24" & 20"/5 Tom-Toms/Snare 14"/Hi Hat 13"/one octave of tuned Gongs/8 Symphony Gongs/2 Bass Cymbals/2 Tenor Cymbals/ Cymbal Tree with 4 tuned Cymbals/11 Soprani Bells/3 Proto Cymbals/3 Burma Bells/Bell-Tree/6 Icebells/14 Tuned Cowbells/2 Marimbas/Talking Drums/Balafon/Triangle/5 Finger Cymbals/Singing Saw/plus many accessory instruments from all over the world.

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