Israel Vibration - On The Rock MP3/Flac

RAS CD, 1995

 1) Mr. Consular Man
 2) Ambush
 3) Rebel For Real
 4) Find Something To Do
 5) Love Makes A Good Man
 6) Brother's Keeper
 7) Struggling Youth
 8) Rudeboy Shuffle
 9) Love Is All You Need
10) Borderline
11) Sugar Me
12) On The Rock

Backed by: Roots Radics
Vocals: Wiss, Apple & Skelly
Bass: Flabba Holt
Drums: Carl Ayton
Guitar: Dwight Pinkney & Steve Golding
Keyboards: Robbie Lynn & Apple
Sax: Dean Fraser
Trombone: Nambo
Trumpet: Chico
Piano: T-Bird Johnson
Percussion: Sidney Wolfe & Apple
Harmonica: Les Souci

Produced by: Doctor Dread & Isreal Vibration
Engineered by: Jim Fox, Rohan Richards, Danny & Murphy
Recorded at: Leggo's & Music Works