Jim Byrom: Whiskey Uniform (2003) MP3/Flac

Jim is a native of San Antonio, TX where he currently resides. He started learning to play guitar at the age of eight and played professionally for the first time at the age of fifteen with his Father's band, "Silver Rose". After high school he started his own band called "Diamondback" and played the local clubs and honky tonks in and around San Antonio as the bands' lead guitarist. Jim then moved to College Station and formed a band with a good friend and they called it "Luck of the Draw". Once again Jim stuck to lead guitar and sang the occasional traditional songs. They played all of the major Agricultural School functions, all over Texas, and into Louisiana. During this time Jim decided to sing more and more. He came to realize that he could back himself and play the style of music that better suited him. He stuck it out for three years with the band then started fronting his own band.
With the reins in hand he got back to playing the music he had always loved. Raised on Ray Price and Johnny Bush with the influence of eighties and early nineties artists such as Eddy Raven, George Strait and Keith Whitley he plays traditional music with an upbeat flare. The proof is evident in the songs he has written and currently recorded. No bubble gum pop country, just real country music that crowds can dance to in any honky tonk. With fifteen years of playing and making crowds dance and have a good time, hopefully the best is yet to come for this up and comer.You know that feeling you get when that certain nerve in your leg gets that twitchin' feeling? This most likely to