Ronny Elliott: My Nerves Are Bad Tonight MP3/Flac

I would like to introduce to you folks a singer/songwriter from Tampa Fla. Ronny Elliott. Ronny is a regular visitor to my blog and I am very flattered by that. Ronny has given me permission to post a little of his music and I am flattered by that also. The following are snippets from reviews or from Ronny's blog itself which will give you a little insight on his life and career. Here is a link to sample some of his music And  for $12.00 (which includes shipping & handing) you can purchase Ronny's albums . 
It's the Fall of 1964 and Ronny Elliott has begun his musical career, playing bass and singing in the Raveons, a Tampa-based garage band. He's pretty sure he's got the blues, but let's face it, the boy's a hillbilly!
By the early 7O's Ronny has been through stints with the Outsiders (not those Outsiders), the Soul Trippers, Noah's Ark, Duckbutter and the Outlaws (yeah, those Outlaws) among others.
He's done shows with the Allman Brothers, Chuck Berry, the Coasters, the Chambers Brothers, Mike Bloomfield, Canned Heat, Dion, Bo Diddley, the Dave Clark Five, Van Morrison, Gene Vincent and Jerry Jeff Walker along the way. When he opened for Jimi Hendrix with his band, Your Local Bear, in 1967 the local newspaper referred to his music as country rock'n'roll.
He's still pretty sure that he's a rhythm'n'blues musician but his songs call to mind Hank Penny more than Prince Lala.
There have been lots of bands since then but now he's a solo act, usually backed by some twisted version of the Nationals. He's shared recent bills with Jimmy Lafave, NRBQ, Joe Ely, the Bottle Rockets, Wilco, Patti Smith and the Fiji Mariners.
Someone coined the musical term, Americana, and he gets called that in No Depression and Billboard. He still thinks he plays the blues. [When I first listened to Ronny's songs I thought he sounded like a little like John Prine. Now I think John Prine sounds a little like Ronny. This is the only album that I will post of Ronny's. It's not that I don't like his music. It's that I respect his right to earn a living from his music and I hope that if any of you want to hear more from Ronny, Please go to his web site and purchase his albums from there. If anyone is wondering, I am not receiving any kind of gratuity from Ronny. Just the satisfaction of helping out what I will now refer to as a new friend]  ****