Joey Allcorn: 50 Years Too Late (2006) MP3/Flac

[This review is By Daniel McCollum] I received this CD under somewhat mysterious conditions after seeing Joey Allcorn perform at the Broken Axe in Moorhead, Minnesota. One minute I'm talking to them and, later one, I find I have a CD near by me with someone muttering I owe then 10 dollers. I'm still not sure what happened there but, in my defense, I'd drank quiet a bit that night (As one is supposed to during an authentic Honky Tonk show!)
What ever happened that night; I'm glad it did. This CD has quickly become one of my favorites. Its so rare, these days, to find a country performer who actually understands the roots of his or her own music. Most modern 'artists', to steal a saying from my Mother, seem to "want to be rock singers, realize they can't cut it, and so decide to do country instead". Toby Keith; we're talking about you here. You too Mr. Paisley. Oh, hell, I'm talking about ALL of you guys!
Luckily, this isn't the case at all for Joey Allcorn. His music could just as easily have been recorded in 1946, rather than 2006. Except for an electric guitar popping up in one song, and the vocal help given by Those Poor Bastards, there is little to indicate the creeping sickness of modernity in this music!
For anyone out there who is a fan of REAL country music; not that twangy-pop which has been claiming to be country as of late, this CD is for you. If you pop in an old Hank Williams album and nod you head, sadly, to the lyrics, or listen to Jimmi Rodgers with a big smile on your face; this is YOUR type of music.