The Charles Walker Blues Band - The World And Things MP3/Flac

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Time: 45:27
File: MP3 @ 320K/s
Released: 2007
Styles: Modern Electric Blues, Contemporary Blues
Label: Ehlona Records, Inc.
Art: Front
зажигательная бомба
01. Dog Catcher (3:08)
02. Slow Thunder (4:21)
03. Outta Mind (5:06)
04. Ain't No Doors (4:08)
05. Hand Clappin (3:15)
06. Gamblin On Love (9:15)
07. Mil Town Blues (2:37)
08. Cold As Hell (5:12)
09. Queen Bee (4:28)
10. Holdin Out (3:51)

All things considered, there are probably a couple of thousand bands around the country, in every corner bar that still books live music, doing what the Charles Walker Band does: playing the blues. But that takes nothing away from the Charles Walker Band, a quintet whose chops are strong, whose command of the genre is certifiable, and who generate excitement at every turn. Walker is the nominal leader, a saxophonist and keyboardist who's learned from the best (his organ work in particular is spellbindingly tasty). But Walker's true calling is as bandleader, and he's put together a solid unit here. In particular, lead vocalist Shanna Jackson is a powerhouse, a gritty belter who's often a bit on the raw side but who uses that coarseness to her advantage, exuding a realness all too often missing in many of today's by-the-books neo-blues outfits. Lead guitarist Misha Siegfried, bassist Kent Hamele, and drummer Joey B. Banks click together superbly, fleshing out Walker's compositions so that they sound like age-old classics. Yes, you've heard it all before, but you probably haven't heard it done this well in a while.