The Other Side - Rock-X-Ing MP3/Flac

Kind of a strange one here. On the surface this looks like any other b-grade AOR record from 1977. But the 1st thing i found odd was the fact that this was released on the De-Lite record label that is pretty much known for Funk and Disco records so when i saw these denim & polyester clad hair farmers i thought WTF? Are these white boys trying to get funky? But no, this is a standard rock record and not to far from the radio rock that was out and about in the mid/late 70's. Think along the lines of Styx, Journey, Kansas, Boston, Etc. Some sounds a bit earlier as well maybe like those couple of Paris albums featuring Bob Welch. There is even a kinda hillbily shit kicker tune and a Jethro Tull sounded flute rocker. Over all its actually a pretty enjoyable rockin' little record. There is even a radio sounding hit w/ "Love Again"... That should have been huge on the radio back then. Once can't think that if these cats weren't so damn ugly and on a disco label, that i can't imagine knew how to promote a rock record, they might have been famous.

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The Other Side - Rock-X-Ing