Excentrique Noiz- Dark Crystal Day 7\'\' MP3/Flac

I keep forgetting to post this one. A recent favorite, you may recall seeing these guys on the Systems of Romance vol. 1 compilation. A rare Japanese darkwave entry, Excentrique Noiz released two 7''s and a full length LP before calling it a day. Here we have their second 7'' from 1986.

Obvious touchstones here include Clan of Xymox and Danse Society on the A-side, while the flip is a fantastic piece of post-punk/coldwave. A strange stylistic shift halfway through the song, but still an awesome tune. Here's the info:

Excentrique Noiz- Dark Crystal Day 7''
1. Dark Crystal Day
2. In Dis Tree

*download it here*

PS- I would very much like to hear their full length and other 7'', if anyone happens to have them on hand!