Excentrique Noiz- Matt Crescent LP MP3/Flac

At long last, here we have the full length LP from Japan's Excentrique Noiz, which I must say, does not disappoint. Six killer tracks here, very reminiscent of the 7'' released a year earlier. Click here to grab that one, in case you missed it previously. Just missing their very first 7'' and a compilation track! Get their s/t flexi here via Habit of Sex! Many thanks again!

It's prudent to mention that there are female vocals on the title track, courtesy of Syoko, the lead vocalist of G-Schmitt, another killer Japanese post-punk band worth many, many listens.

Excentrique Noiz- Matt Crescent LP

1. Moonlight

2. Fluorescent Dream

3. All That Place

4. Still In My Heart

5. Time To Lose

6. Matt Crescent

*download it here*

Ps- I'll just leave this one here: