Fear - Have Another Beer With Fear (1995) MP3/Flac

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01 USA
02 Back Into Battle Again
03 Demons Stickin' Pitchforks In My Brain
04 Bad Day
05 Ugly As You
06 I Believe I'll Have Another Beer
07 Chaos
08 Legalize Drugs
09 Drink Some Beer
10 Fuck You, Let's Rodeo
11 Honor And Obey
12 Meat And Potatoes
13 Beerfight
14 Ubermenschen
15 Public Hangings
16 Free Beer

For a punk band that hasn't released an album for 23 years, the 3rd Fear album is freakin awesome. No punk vocalist could touch Ving's singing ability coupled with his intensity. Fast and loud...


Preview: Fear - Meat And Potatoes: