Ramones - End Of The Century (1980) MP3/Flac

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01 Do You Remember Rock'n'Roll Radio
02 I'm Affected
03 Danny Says
04 Chinese Rock
05 The Return Of Jackie And Judy
06 Let's Go
07 Baby, I Love You
08 I Can't Make It On Time
09 This Ain't Havana
10 Rock'n'Roll High School
11 All The Way
12 High Risk Insurance

End of the Century is the musical documentation of a form looking for rebirth. Having burned itself out in four short years by 1979 (that's a short century!), punk rock cast about for a spark to reignite the flames. The Clash found it in political rage and musical wanderings; the Ramones found it by infusing their already well-honed pop sensibilities with a huge dose of pathos...


Preview: Ramones - This Ain't Havana: