Broilers - Loco Haste La Muerte (2011) MP3/Flac

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01 Richtung Schicksal
02 Geister Die Ich Rief
03 An All Den Schmutz
04 Nur Die Nacht Weiss
05 Hey Suburbia
06 Let's Get Back To 1996
07 Weg Von Den Strassen
08 Paul Der Hooligan
09 Blume
10 Heimat
11 Nur Eine Strasse
12 Cigarettes & Whiskey
13 You Can Get It If You Really Want

Düsseldorf´s south 1992, two punkrock kids aged 12 decide that they would rather play the music they love instead of just consuming. Result: a fusion of punkrock, Oi!, peggae, pock-a-billy and soul. Take it sleezy...


Preview: Broilers - An All Den Schmutz: