OreSkaBand - Wao!! (2007) MP3/Flac

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01 Pinocchio
02 Cooler Society
03 Tsumasaki
04 Hana No Ska Dance
05 Kawa No Bori
06 Almond
07 Wasuremono
08 U
09 Asterisk
10 Shall We Dance
11 Sayonara Deja Vu
12 Knife To Fork
13 Chuck
14 Hidden Track

OreSkaBand is an all-female ska band from Sakai, Japan, began in 2003 when the members were still in middle school. The band eventually developed its own sound, highly influenced by 2 Tone and third-wave ska punk bands like Reel Big Fish, with an added J-pop touch. WAO!! is their second album...


Preview: OreSkaBand - Cooler Society: