Stephen Dale Petit - The Crave MP3/Flac

BUOYED by the success of his last album, Guitararama, California native and guitar aficionado Stephen Dale Petit releases the gargantuan-sized The Crave, a 17-strong song collection of blues and rock classics as re-interpreted in his own inimitable style.
Containing some ferocious, rocking New Blues monsters alongside updated classics by the likes of Robert Johnson, Fleetwood Mac, Little Willie John and Albert King, the album has been produced with the help of Ian Grimble (of Travis, Clash and Manics fame) and the the Chapel Studios, Lincoln hit factory team behind recent Arctic Monkeys, Editors and Kaiser Chiefs successes.
It’s little wonder, then, that Petit seems poised to enjoy his biggest commercial success yet. The Crave, like its name suggests, possesses a thirst for the classic style of song-writing that’s informed as much by Petit’s roguish lifestyle, as well as his passion for indulging in cracking guitar solos, whether in rock or blues format.
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