The New Mastersounds - Live In San Francisco MP3/Flac

One of the cornerstone acts of the U.K. retro-soul scene, the New Mastersounds play taut old-school instrumental funk with a contemporary energy and enthusiasm that has earned them rave reviews and led them to collaborate with a number of major acts in Britain and the United States.
The New Mastersounds always sound grittier in a live setting -- and this album is great proof of that fact! The drums seem harder, the guitar a bit more edgey, and the Hammond let loose even more than before -- all flying together on grooves that run a bit longer than some of the combo's studio sets -- with a bit more funky energy too! This cooking little date was recorded in San Francisco over the course of two nights that are nicely distilled down here -- and the core quartet is joined by some added tenor and sax on three tracks, showing a whole new dimension of the Mastersounds groove.