Oversoul Seven - Fool Revelation mLP (1987, Edge) MP3/Flac

This is a follow-up to my share of Oversoul Seven's self-titled long player which I posted all the way back in January.  Since Fool Revelation preceded that album by about a year, I had anticipated it would possess a rawer, unbridled ethos, but I suppose that was wishful thinking on my part.  Turns out that Fool Revelation isn't so much of an engrossing revelation after all, but it does find the young Vancouver trio churning out clean, competent guitar pop, just not as roughhewn or DIY as it's oblique jacket art might suggest.  If there was anything on here that approached the brash musculature I was anticipating, the punchy "Over Mountain" was pretty much what the doctor ordered.  See my write-up for the second record (linked above), and for that matter the comments section.  One of our readers mentioned that Revelation was funded by Oversoul Seven's winnings in a band competition.  True story. 

01. Beginning
02. Shoulders
03. Over Mountain
04. Saint Lee Lights
05. Roses
06. All the Say
07. Somebody Said
08. Catfight at Crepuscle