The Fabulous Counts - jan jan (Funk) MP3/Flac

1- It's A Man's, Man's, Man's World
2- Simple song
3- Hey Jude
4- Bite
5- Soulful Strut
6- Dirty Red
7- Who's Making Love
8- Scrambled Eggs
9- Other Thing
10- Girl From Kenya
11- Jan Jan

The first record by the group who would record for Westbound as the Counts, this is the predecessor of those slick funky boys. The vibe here is distinctly Meters-ish and -- dare it be said -- a bit lifeless, the same problem with their earlier efforts. The album is mostly redeemed, however, by the title track, a classic two-and-a-half minutes of nasty, stinging funk. If you can't get enough of razor-sharp dudes in matching suits, by all means get this record. If your need for that stuff is passing, grab yourself a single of the title track and smile.