Fontella Bass - Free (Soul) (1974) MP3/Flac

Fontella Bass - Free (Soul) (1974)
Year : 1974
Paula Recordings
1. To Be Free
2. Hold on This Time
3. I Want Everyone to Know
4. I Need to Be Loved
5. Talking About Freedom
6. I Need Love
7. Wiping Tears
8. Now That I Found a Good Thing
9. Who You Gonna Blame
10. It Sure Is Good
11. I'm Leaving the Choice to You
12. Homewrecker
13. It's Hard to Get Back In
14. My God, My Freedom, My Home Listen

Recorded in 1972. Originally released on Paula (LP 2213). Includes liner notes by Mick Patrick & Malcolm Baumgart.
Fontella Bass's classic R&B recording, FREE, formerly NOW THAT I FOUND A GOOD THING, is a fun and deep-pocketed groove album that's good for what ails you. Bass's singing is life affirming and truly stirring.
FREE contains Fontella Bass's most well-known 1965 hit, "Rescue Me," a song that almost has Bass competing for Aretha Franklin's title as the Queen of Soul. Other songs, such as "I Need Love," find Bass adopting a down-home 12/8 blues feel. On this tune, she's echoed by a background choir of singers who create a distinctly gospel feel. A buoyant, invigorating album, FREE offers 11 tracks of solid performances and inspired songwriting.

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